We believe that the beauty of fashion should be accessible to
everyone, not just the privileged few. When the company was founded in 2012, we noticed that fashion companies had to choose between offering choice or reducing inventory pressure and waste. So, we set out to change that by leading the development of alternative processes and technologies to bring fashion into the future.
Our customers are at the core of our business model, driving our growth to a team of nearly 10,000 employees serving more than 150 countries within less than a decade. Our digital-first model meets customers where they are: on mobile devices, online and on social media. We have become one of the most popular shopping apps and continue to engage customers by providing multiple content streams directly within the Luxury-bags platform and delivering the best online shopping experience.


Consumers no longer follow a unified standard of what is considered “fashionable” or “beautiful”.We believe that the bag we wear reflect our personalities and we want to empower everyone to explore and express their individuality.To do this, Luxury-bags creates a wide range of options to fit any mood or occasion.


Luxury-bags  mission is to serve as a leader in the industry and bring fashion into the modern era. We employ cutting-edge technologies and processes in our design and sourcing to stay well-informed of what is in-demand by consumers, produce goods in a timely manner and deliver the products quickly to anywhere in the world. By developing proprietary logistics and ecommerce technology, we are disrupting the fashion space and improving outcomes for manufacturers, suppliers and consumers.